Amazon changes seller account verification

Amazon changes seller account verification

The registration process for an Amazon account consists of three stages: document collecting, account registration, and verification. Approximately two months ago, unexpected changes were made in the final stage, but we already have had several successful cases with new adjustments.

What changed?

After completing the registration and creating product listings, Amazon may suddenly deactivate your account and request additional verification. This process includes a questionnaire and a video interview that can take up to an hour of your time.

The form covers 10 questions, such as: “Do you purchase products from manufacturers or do you have your own manufacturing?”, “Do you have a registered business?”. In one of the sections, you will also need to specify which documents you will provide for personal identification, your company, and the manufacturing and/or supply processes.

In the end, there will be three-time slots for a meeting with a one-week difference between them. However, you shouldn’t ponder about it too much, because Amazon will assign a date as they wish. After that, you can expect a detailed discussion with Amazon support where they may ask about your identity, how and where you purchase goods, your invoice, who assists with the account, and more.

How did verification happen before?

It used to be much simpler: during account registration, you had to join a video call with Amazon support that lasted about 5 minutes. Typically, you would show your passport and bank statement during the call. After that, support would decide what to do with your account. However, Amazon added the additional inspection.

We have had experience with other verification methods as well, such as:

  • Submitting utility bill receipts
  • Providing a passport and bank statement
  • Sending a physical letter to the registered address (you had to enter the code from that letter into your account)
  • Sending a photo with the passport next to your face.

It should be noted that Amazon can use any combination of verification methods, so you need to be prepared for them all.

Without thorough preparation and properly prepared documents, you may encounter account blocking by the platform. We offer the assistance of our professionals! Over the course of almost 5 years, we have successfully registered 400+ accounts and closed 5 cases with the new verification process.

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