Amazon Q1 Survival Guide for a Rookie Seller

The harvest from the holiday sales of the fourth quarter is over. The results from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales have come in, which means it’s time to plan for a successful start to 2023. To keep the momentum going and get your year off to a good start, we’ve compiled five tips for selling on Amazon.

1. Use Q4 profits to get off to a good start in Q1

If you did everything right, your earnings on Amazon in the fourth quarter were the highest of 2022. It’s tempting to put the money you’ve earned in a savings account, but it’s better to reinvest the profits into marketing in the first quarter so that you will get higher sales in the long run.

There will be buyers who are waiting for the post-holiday sales, and those who are willing to start the year with regular shopping, and don’t forget about those who want to use those Amazon gift cards they were given for Christmas or New Year. Being ready for these sales will allow you to significantly reduce the post-holiday slump and get ahead of your competitors in the first quarter.

2. Be prepared with a range of goods for the holidays of 2023

Be prepared for the following dates when you can raise your conversion: Valentine’s Day (February 14), International Women’s Day (March 8), and Easter (April 16).

How to prepare:

  • Make your Brand Store easy to navigate. Divide products into tabs-categories, and add those that are most relevant now to the main page.
  • Choose relevant keywords so that the Amazon advertising works well.
  • If the product allows, change the images in action and add infographics relevant to the holidays. For example, for Valentine’s Day, you can add an image of your gift being given to a significant other.

You have time to prepare and get ahead of the competition.

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3. Extend discounts

There are two things you should keep in mind when selling on Аmazon in the first quarter:

  • Many buyers are still suffering from Christmas shopping fever. It will take time before they cool down.
  • Many buyers will receive Amazon gift cards and start using them.

This is why discounts should not be stopped right after the winter holidays.

TIP. Increase your income with related products. Some products in a set sell better on Аmazon. For example, if you have winter gloves and scarves that aren’t selling well individually, start selling them as a bundle on Amazon.

Bundles on Amazon consist of several individual products, each of which can be identified by a unique ASIN/UPC. A pre-packaged set of products identified by a single ASIN/UPC is not considered a bundle.

4. Increase your assortment

Don’t give away your products on Amazon just relying on sales, because bargain hunters are just one category of buyers. Instead, diversify your assortment – add items that will be popular on Amazon all year round. Create a line of items with high margins and low turnover, as well as high-turnover products with low margins. This will balance your sales and create a better selection for customers.

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5. Meet the demands of your customers

For example, one of the most common resolutions at the beginning of the year is to start training again and take care of one’s fitness. Therefore, the first quarter is the perfect time to sell products in this category. If you have the opportunity to do it – go ahead. The range is wide – from exercise equipment and fitness accessories to sportswear and food.

The main thing is to take advantage of the trend to lose weight. Even if you sell sugar-free candies or hair elastic bands – show in your photos how a girl who does sports uses your product.

In conclusion.

In order for your year to start off with good results, you need to prepare a strategy in advance and think about the desires of your customers. They are always ready to buy from you, but only if you accurately predict what they need. To set up an Amazon store, increase your Amazon business rating, make money and grow sales on Amazon, or just get Amazon seller help on another issue, leave a request and we will contact you!

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