Brand Registry – Is it Actually Necessary for an Amazon Seller?

It is important for merchants growing their business on e-commerce platforms to protect their brand and intellectual property. One way to do this is to register your trademark on Amazon. Amazon Brand Registry is an application that allows you to register your trademarks on Amazon and access a variety of benefits. But is Brand Registry a necessity, or does it just give you an advantage as an Amazon seller?

Trademark registration and Brand Registry

Trademark registration is the process of legally registering a trademark for the purpose of protecting it. In order to register your trademark, it is first important to conduct a search of registered trademarks with a sound or spelling similar to yours. If the search shows that the trademark does not yet exist, you can apply for registration with the appropriate government authority: in the United States at the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in Britain at the UKIPO and in Europe at the EUIPO.

After receiving a TM registration application number, you can register with Amazon Brand Registry. Members of this program receive a guarantee of intellectual property protection for their listings, as well as additional marketing tools for promotion. These include the ability to create advanced A+ content and your own Amazon store, post a video of a listed product, run branded ads, and have access to advanced analytics to optimize your ad campaigns. Learn more about these and other benefits below:

1. Protection of intellectual property.

Sellers registered with the Brand Registry have the ability to grant or deny distributors the right to sell their branded products. You can also protect your listings from intruders by filing a complaint or contacting Amazon support, as one of the advantages of the Brand Registry is access to a separate support service for brand owners.

2. Availability of additional types of advertising.

Brand owners have the opportunity to use such types of advertising campaigns as Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, allowing you to advertise several products at once. The benefits of Sponsored Brands include being able to conduct A / B testing to optimize the content on your listing and track conversion and purchase statistics.

Amazon stats show that advertisers who create Sponsored Display ads targeting a particular brand’s audience for the first time get 7.2% more clicks on their listings in the following month compared to those who don’t.

3. Getting your first feedback.

When deciding whether or not to buy a new product, a buyer looks closely at the reviews of other buyers. By registering with the Brand Registry, you will have access to the Amazon Vine service, which helps you get the first reviews for new listings. The service is available in Europe for €170 and in the USA for $200.

4. Increasing consumer confidence.

There are 2 tools for brand owners on Amazon that greatly help a seller build consumer confidence: A+ Content and the Brand Store.

After describing these, we will analyze the difference between the descriptions of 2 listings of different sellers, one registered with and the other unregistered in the Brand Registry, and also see how their brand pages are displayed.

A+ content

After receiving BR, you will be able to create A + content, by adding photos, videos and more text to your product description — all with quality templates that you choose yourself.

Listing with A+ content:

Without A+ content:

The listing in the first example is more beneficial for the brand owner because it contains more information, images and videos of the product. Thus, the buyer will be more familiar with your product assortment, stay longer on the listing and most likely purchase your product.

The listing in the second example provides less information for the buyer, since after the bullets, there is no additional content and only plain text, thus attracting much less attention.

Brand store

Sellers registered with the Brand Registry have the opportunity to create their own “online store” within Amazon itself — the Brand Store. When a client lands on your brand page, a mini-site opens up with a list of your entire range of products. Amazon stats show that in BrandStore, which has more than three sections, buyers stay 83% longer.

The appearance of the Brand Store of the owner of the registered TM in the Brand Registry:

Search result if TM is not registered in Brand Registry:

The owner of the first listing registered their TM and for the Brand Registry. The owner of the second one did not register their TM, and, as such, cannot create a Brand Store. Therefore, a buyer clicking on the brand name will end up at a list of products ranked by brand keyword.

The above tools and capabilities give sellers a significant advantage and if used correctly, there is every chance to increase recognition and conversion to sales.

How long does it take to register on Amazon Brand Registry?

Registering on Amazon Brand Registry takes about two weeks, but trademark registration is required before registration on Brand Registry. The process of registration for a TM and Brand Registry consists of several stages:

Stage 1 (up to a week): review — acquaintance with one of our partners, who will assist you in the registration of a TM for your products.

Stage 2 (up to 2 weeks): data collection and provision of information on the product you plan to register with the TM partner.

Stage 3 (up to a week): TM research — conducting a market analysis to ensure that your brand is original and not likely to get a refusal.

Stage 4 (2 weeks): payment for services, filing the application and obtaining a registration number.

Stage 5 (1 week): registration in the Brand Registry. We submit the necessary documents for connecting your TM to Amazon. They then send a code to the email of the lawyer who registered the TM. The lawyer will give us the code, and we will provide it to Amazon. After these steps, brand confirmation takes place.

Stage 6 (7-12 months): Waiting for the TM – once approved, you can now enjoy Amazon Brand Registry and all its benefits.

So, if you have not yet registered a TM, with our help, you will submit an application for a TM in the appropriate country, create a Brand Registry account and enjoy all the possibilities of being a brand owner on Amazon in a maximum of 2 months.

So, why should you register with Brand Registry on the Amazon platform?

  1. To increase buyers’ level of trust in your brand;
  2. To access tools that can increase traffic to individual listings and your Brand Store, as well as purchase conversion rates.
  3. To protect your intellectual property.


It is important to note that obtaining a Brand Registry is not a requirement for selling on Amazon and you don’t need to register a trademark in order to list and sell products on the platform. However, withoutBrand Registry, it can be very difficult to conquer a particular niche.

As explained, it is extremely important to register a trademark, but is it advisable to do it yourself without the experience and support of a professional team? The Disqover Agency team will help you go from brand registration to the full launch of your products. We know exactly how to do this. Fill out the form below and our manager will provide you with detailed advice on our TM and Brand Registry registration service.

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