Calendar of key dates for Amazon sellers in 2023

Good businesses are thinking about how to prevent the post-holiday decline in Amazon sales. Great ones are already working on a brand growth strategy for 2023. Our calendar of key dates will help you do this.

The calendar will help you make an inventory forecast for FBA. If you plan your warehouses according to the event calendar, you will avoid overstocking during a sales downturn and shortages during a rush. For example, you won’t experience any logistical delays related to the Chinese New Year.

When developing our market strategy for 2023, we are faced with the question: “When and how much to send goods to FBA so that the consumer receives them on time?” Looking for an answer, you should focus on seasonality, as well as specific trends related to your brand, target audience, and assortment. Let’s consider some points.

Seasonality and trends
How to make money on Amazon steadily? You should constantly monitor trends and customer preferences. For example, spring increases the demand for sports and outdoor goods, hiking equipment, and gardening items. On the other hand, in the winter months, gifts, home furnishings, board games, winter sports equipment, etc. are in demand.

Planning in advance
The fourth quarter of the year can be the most fertile time for Amazon sales. It’s important to track when consumers start their holiday shopping. Sometimes this season can start not after Halloween and Black Friday, but in early October. You should take advantage of the increase in traffic in time, even if you don’t have any gift items. After all, there are those who will come just on holiday shopping.

Prime Day on Amazon
Prime Day is a series of holidays when the platform organizes sales. Usually, they take place in summer, but last year Amazon unexpectedly organized such an event in the fall. Now there is every reason to believe that this year, it will also be two separate events. And although the exact date will be announced shortly before the event, you should start preparing for it by studying strategies to profit from the platform traffic increase and exclusive Prime discounts. It’s important to focus on inventory forecasting, keyword research, optimizing your product catalog, and advertising effectiveness.

There is a certain algorithm that you should follow if you are preparing for sales on a specific day (holiday, event, themed sales) to make it work best. We have collected some top timelines tips. But remember that the situation may be different for you, depending on your product and delivery options:

12 weeks before finalize the assortment for a specific date:

  • review previous sales figures and identify flagships
  • explore the possibilities of creating bundles
  • create a sales plan and, accordingly, the number of goods to be delivered
  • consider using Amazon Warehousing & Distribution
  • add the Buy with Prime button to the website, if available

 8 weeks before send the goods to Amazon:

  • add inserts to the product packaging along with the supply
  • sell off old stock on FBA
  • analyze marketing and advertising strategies
  • improve your pricing strategy

4 weeks before optimize listings:

  • titles should be changed in accordance with seasonal keywords
  • photos of goods should be of high quality
  • if possible, add a video about the product
  • indicate the main characteristics of the product
  • post answers to recurring customer questions
  • track customer feedback
  • determine the strategy and goals for promotion for the next period

 3 weeks before create coupons and start sharing promotions:

  • implement the Amazon Ads strategy and make adjustments based on the data on the advertising effectiveness  in the process
  • write several posts through Amazon Posts
  • send promotions via email with Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement
  • assign a separate person to handle customer inquiries

In addition, we recommend that you look after FBA storage limits. They are updated quarterly based on your Inventory Performance Index (IPI). Amazon determines it on its own but provides an opportunity to track it regularly.

Do you want to deal with all the stages of the sale and finally establish supply processes? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team of analysts will identify and solve all the problems in the supply chain, as well as track trends and reduce shortages that spoil the sales line. Do not hesitate and take steps to success today.


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