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Comprehensive support

We support clients at all stages, from the initial idea of entering the global marketplace to the start of sales. Our team conducts market research, evaluates product potential, adapts to marketplace needs and requirements, launches products, and grows sales


The goals and values of our clients is our benchmark. Our personalized business scaling solutions are based on transparent and clear calculations

Professional team

Our team unites specialists with extensive experience in digital and performance marketing, data analytics, sales and exporting. We understand the algorithms of marketplaces and know how to boost sales

Market analysis

Before entering a marketplace, we conduct a complex analysis and provide an economically sound forecast. At this stage, we choose the appropriate marketplace, evaluate options and perform calculations

  • product category research;
  • niche study;
  • competitive analysis;
  • trading platform selection.
  • compliance and certification;
  • product improvement.
  • marginal analysis;
  • logistics, marketing and administrative expenses;
  • sales and return on investment forecasts.

Product launch

We provide complex support to prepare our clients for the start of sales. The second stage includes account preparation, logistics and promotion setup

  • collection of information and registration of account;
  • creation of listings.
  • structuring logistics processes;
  • support at every stage of delivery.
  • PPC, coupons, discounts and other internal promotional tools;
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing and other external channels.

Account management

We grow ratings and sales through complex account management, including inventory management, customer support, marketing, and communication with support

  • ad management;
  • external traffic;
  • listing optimization;
  • promotional pricing, including coupons and discounts.
  • sales forecasting, stock control;
  • coordination of fulfilment.
  • questions and reviews;
  • returns and refunds;
  • conflict resolution.

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Alexey Lomonosov
Alexey Lomonosovex E-commerce Team Leader, IDS Borjomi International
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The Disqover team has done a thorough job in preparing Borjomi water for launch on Amazon USA.

In addition to promotional strategies and content development, the team has efficiently covered all legal aspects of dealing with Amazon. Also, the team did a great job in calculating approximate expenses, revenue and profitability. The detailed marketing analytics prepared by Disqover gave us a better understanding of the competition and sales volume in our niche.

I am very grateful for Disqover’s contribution and demonstrated professional approach. I highly recommend Disqover as a partner to help a business grow.

Sergey Ezdin
Sergey EzdinChief Marketing Officer, Pix
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Disqover encouraged us to expand and now we're on Amazon! The team successfully launched our backpacks in the American marketplace and continues to manage a company's profile.

Pix received high-grade assistance at every stage: a fast response time in addressing our unique challenges, the successful registration of our account, logistics setup and the creation of effective listings.

Now we know that our decision to rely on Disqover was the right choice. They are great in understanding the algorithms of marketplaces so we know that we are always being presented with the best solutions. The team keeps us up to date and instantly addresses all issues. Helping us achieve our business goals is their priority and we are grateful for their support in growing our business. As an added bonus, it’s easy and convenient to communicate with a team full of such interesting and fun professionals.

Nikolay Saustenko
Nikolay SaustenkoFounder, Mauwi
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When we started working with Disqover, we had been on Amazon for more than a year with moderate sales and very limited growth.

The Disqover team improved our listings, allowing us to benefit through increased sales starting from the first month. In the past, we were focused on the performance of our sales plan, but now we are facing a new challenge: how to ensure quick fulfillment to meet growing demand.

We are pleased to have a competent and experienced team assisting with our business. We appreciate their enthusiasm and determination to develop our business comprehensively, and not being limited to just the task at hand. Disqover performed a deep category analysis, prepared detailed financial forecasts and continues to advise us on the expansion of our product line.

Ihor Phiilipp
Ihor PhiilippСОО и co-founder AssayMe
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Disqover agency can be described by the following words: Professionalism, Efficiency, and Result.

The AssayMe team is completely satisfied with the market research and account registration agency's work.

We look forward to furthering our cooperation.


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