Amazon account registration

Many vendors who try to self-register an account on Amazon are automatically blocked by the platform.

The Disqover Agency team can help solve the problem of registration, verification and starting a turnkey Amazon account.

We help with registration on Amazon USA, Europe, Emirates, and Australia.

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What is included in the service?

Every step of registering on Amazon has many hidden pitfalls. To successfully register, you must follow rules.

Based on our experience working with clients from different countries, we have developed a list of hacks that help us successfully complete this process at each stage of the process.

1. Collection of documents

An important and time-consuming part of the process is the preparation of documents for submitting payment data, its verification and complying with the requirements of Amazon. We will help you get through the first stage correctly, as we know all the secrets about the requirements of Amazon.

2. Account registration

It's easy enough, but to begin getting sales right away, and not be too overwhelmed with Amazon procedures, you need to know a few hacks that we can implement for you.

3. Account verification

After registering, Amazon may request additional documents to identify you as either an individual or a company. We know what documents need to be submitted, in what form, where and to whom.

How long does it take to register on Amazon?

The registration and verification period on Amazon takes from 14 days to 2 months – this period depends on both your country and the type of registration.

Many businesses who try to register a seller’s account on Amazon by themselves are faced with an automatic block. The subsequent unblocking of the account, in terms of time and cost, requires the same effort as registering a new one.

The average registration period with Disqover Agency is 4 weeks.

Customer feedback

We are grateful to our customers for entrusting us with bringing their products, brands and businesses to the international marketplace.

Alexey Lomonosov
Alexey Lomonosovex E-commerce Team Leader, IDS Borjomi International
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The staff worked thoroughly to prepare for the release of Borjomi water on Amazon in America.

In addition to the general strategy of promotion and content creation, all legal aspects of working with Amazon were very well executed. In addition, financial benchmarks were calculated - possible costs, revenue and approximate profitability of the channel. Detailed marketing analysis gave us an understanding of the competitive field and sales in our niche.

I am very grateful to the team for the work done and their professional approach. I wholeheartedly recommend Disqover Agency as a partner that will help your business grow.
Sergey Ezdin
Sergey EzdinChief Marketing Officer, Pix
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Disqover motivated us to scale, and now we're on Amazon! The team successfully launched our backpacks in the US market and continues to support our company's profile.

Pix received quality advice at all stages - prompt resolution of our particular problems with account registration, organization of logistics and a quality description of our product.

We are very pleased that we have trusted the team - they understand the algorithms of the marketplace, and we know that we are being offered the best solutions. The team keeps us informed and responds instantly to all requests. We feel that our business interests are a priority and we are grateful to Disqover for taking the initiative and helping us grow. And as a nice bonus - the team consists of interesting and fun professionals who are easy and comfortable to work with.
Mykola Saustenko
Mykola SaustenkoFounder, Mauwi
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At the time of our introduction to Disqover, our product had been on Amazon for over a year, but there was no sales growth and sales volumes were mediocre.

We were pleasantly surprised by how the listing optimization done by the team had such a strong impact on sales dynamics - we saw significant growth in the first month. And while before we were just trying to meet our sales targets, now we are struggling to replenish our warehouses and keep up with demand.

We are happy to work with such a competent and experienced team. We appreciate the enthusiasm and their desire to comprehensively develop our business, not just solve immediate problems. The team has prepared for us a qualitative analysis of the niche and detailed sales forecasts, and now is advising us on expanding our product line.
Denis Pisarev
Denis PisarevHead of E-commerce, IDS BORJOMI INTERNATIONAL
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I want to thank the Disqover team for unblocking and registering an account!

We had a situation based on our legal entity - an international company. Around March, we were blocked, and moreover, we could not even log in to the account. Given that quarantine was in full swing, and support could not be called in the usual way at first, the agency's team did a tremendous job. We received a lot of advice regarding paperwork, many letters to support were written, and a huge number of calls were made. As a result, the account was opened, and we were ultimately satisfied.

Thank you for your work and the results.
Igor Philip
Igor PhilipJI and co-founder of AssayMe
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Disqover can be described in the following words: Professionalism, Efficiency and Results.

The AssayMe team is completely satisfied with the work done in market research and account registration.

We hope for further cooperation in the future.

How much does it cost to register on Amazon?

Registering a selling account on Amazon is a lengthy process of submitting and reconciling documents.

The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Marketplace country: USA, Emirates, Australia or Europe
  • Seller’s country: where you live or do business
  • Type of registration: for an individual or a legal entity

Calculation of the cost of registration

Fill out the form to calculate the cost of registration and get a free consultation from our manager.
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