Promoting products on Amazon

We know many e-commerce platforms that enable entrepreneurs to sell products online without creating and developing their own online stores and without optimizing and promoting them in search engines. But launching your products on Amazon and just waiting for high sales aren’t enough.

Keep in mind that the common strategies for local platforms aren’t true to global marketplaces.

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FAQs about Amazon:

Not sure where to start, as there are too many advertising opportunities on Amazon?

Have you created a slew of campaigns that consistently go negative or work by fits and starts?

Is your ad viewability low, and are your listings not getting targeted traffic?

Not sure how to set up campaigns to improve their performance and avoid extra expenses?

Are there no impressions for your keywords within your ad campaign?

Are your listings indexed for a small pool of keywords?

Do you not understand how to scale your sales?

Or maybe you don’t have an advertising strategy for Amazon at all?

Disqover Agency offers you a turnkey solution
to boost your sales

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Disqover’s team will help you:

Audit existing

We check how efficient your advertising campaigns are and give recommendations for their adjustments.

Develop a bespoke
advertising strategy

We know that there are no two identical products, so we create campaigns tailored to your needs and goals.


We optimize listings before driving any traffic. Thus, you’ll get a better order conversion rate and indexing for your keywords.

Boost organic

We find and integrate the most relevant and profitable keywords into listings and ad campaigns to increase your organic ranking.

Increase a conversion

We know how to increase your order conversion rate to make sure the target audience see your listings and is more likely to buy your products.

Launch and manage ad
campaigns on Amazon

We set up and optimize campaigns to reduce ACoS and maximize ad performance. We use Amazon internal tools and external traffic to scale your sales.

What is included in promoting products on Amazon with us?

  • Collecting and analyzing keywords
  • Competitive analysis
  • Developing a bespoke strategy based on your data
  • SEO for your listings
  • Launching automatic and manual ad campaigns
  • Creating promotional campaigns (pricing, discounts, coupons and promotional codes)
  • Inventory management
  • Monthly reports

Disqover is all about business scaling professionals

Boost your sales on Amazon with our expert services

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Our clients’ success stories

Story 1: Pet accessories

Product: Pet accessories
Range: 33 FBA listings and 22 customizable FBM listings

Additional conditions:
The cost price depends on the sales volume (the larger the batch, the cheaper the cost price)


  • Boost sales
  • Achieve organic growth


  1. We created SEO listings based on competitive analysis.
  2. We developed a bespoke advertising strategy for FBA and FBM listings.
  3. We increased organic ranking with keywords in a less competitive environment.
  4. We optimized visual content.
  5. We raised prices compared to competitors.
  6. We launched sponsored brands, including video ads.


Total sales:

FBA listing sales growth: +220% in 3 months

FBM listing sales growth: +400% in 3 months

Organic growth:

FBA: +150 keywords—featured in the TOP 24 Organic Rank

FBM: +100 keywords—featured in the TOP 24 Organic Rank

Cost price:

As the sales volume increased, it dropped by 50%.

Story 2: Digital product

Product: Digital product
Range: 10+ products

Additional conditions:

  • Working with a vendor account
  • Two countries (the USA and Japan)
  • Limited advertising budget
  • Only branded traffic used before


  • Boost sales by using non-branded traffic
  • Organic growth


  1. We developed a strategy for ad campaigns.
  2. We selected relevant mid- and low-frequency long-tail keywords.
  3. We created and started promoting bundles.
  4. We launched sponsored brands.


  • We reduced ACoS to 8–11%
  • We attracted customers from competitors’ listings (global brands)
  • We got the product on the first page for 15 relevant customer search terms
  • We boosted sales by 35%
Story 3: Tourism and recreation products

Product: Tourism and recreation products
Range: Eight products

Additional conditions:

  • Seasonal products
  • Large-sized products
  • Low margin


Make an account profitable


  1. We optimized and integrated existing ad campaigns into a new strategy.
  2. We adapted SEO to fit customer search terms.
  3. We actively worked to improve the rating and generate new reviews.


  • One of the SKUs ranked among the TOP 10 in its category
  • We made the account profitable
  • We boosted sales by 350%

Calculation of the cost of Promotion

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