The successful time of the year for sellers is coming! The fourth quarter is generous with holidays, which means sales growth. It starts with Halloween, a holiday popular in the USA, Great Britain and European countries of the world. Helloween on Amazon is the beginning of the buying activity that continues on Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and the pre-Christmas period.

For sellers, whether or not you plan to sell themed products, this is an opportunity to boost sales. Shoppers could spend $9 billion over the holidays this year, according to forecasts from the National Retail Federation. So choosing the right products is just the first step to staying competitive during this period.

How to increase the effectiveness of the results during the “spooky holiday”?

Of course, any Amazon seller knows about seasonal sales in advance and prepares for them ahead of time. Having formed a stock, preparing goods for the season, it is advisable to take a few more important steps.

Things to remember:

  • Create quality content – choose high quality photos, update descriptions, add relevant keywords, adjust listings. Upgrade your creatives (headline, photo or even video) to themed ones in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns. Keep in mind that shoppers often use holiday names in search queries, so you should add the word “Halloween” to your ad and backend. But it’s best to avoid such names in listings unless it’s directly related to the product, such as “Helloween suit”; 
  • Attract existing customers to the celebration. Make an e-mail newsletter among the followers of the Amazon page. Tell them about the special offers they can take advantage of. Tell them what you plan to do additionally for the Halloween customer. If you have a customer base, send out a simple promotional email with mechanics and details. Add a promo code or coupon. Don’t forget to add a CTA button that will redirect to your Amazon page. Send emails with a countdown to the start of sales and special conditions the day before. This will keep your customers up to date and will likely increase brand awareness significantly.
  • Prepare additional promotions, discounts, special offers. Offer free shipping. Prime members automatically receive unlimited 2-day shipping on orders over $25 on all eligible products;
  • Use holiday packaging whenever possible. Try to keep the “terrible-fun” format by updating the A+ content and designing the store. Halloween is the season of fun and your audience expects to be entertained. You should also share this content on social networks. For example, an Instagram prank, a Facebook funny joke contest, a Twitter slogan contest, and a terrible TikTok challenge are all great ways to build engagement and get attention for your brand;
  • Set up ads correctly. Add themed keywords to existing campaigns or create new ones with them. If the product is seasonal, prepare for a CPC increase during this period. Non-thematic product categories are also in high demand at this time. This is the last and very important step in preparing for any sale: it is recommended to increase your advertising and bid budget. Read more about how not to “drain” the budget of advertising campaigns in our article “Top 5 mistakes in PPC work on Amazon that drain the budget”;

Summing up, we want to emphasize that often, an interesting, high-quality product with incorrectly configured advertising or insufficiently well-optimized listings may be sold badly. This leads to unexpected results and wasted funds. This is easy enough to avoid by applying a professional approach to your listings. The marketplace algorithm is designed to always compare products, their monthly sales, and the number of reviews to determine how popular they are.

If you need assistance in preparation, our team is always ready to provide services individually for your goods.

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