Як зареєструвати власний бренд на Amazon

How to register your own brand on Amazon

Choosing to start your business on Amazon is one of the ways to increase sales in the e-commerce industry. By registering your brand on the marketplace, you can enter the global market and compete with niche leaders. The positions of companies with their own TM are much stronger in the US and other countries. To get Brand Registry on Amazon, you need to go through several steps. Now let’s look at them in more detail.

Benefits of Brand Registry on Amazon

The following business benefits are unlocked for the owner brand on Amazon:

  • Creation of extended content. A+ content contributes to the information spreading about the brand’s history, product functions. Images on pages and texts improve conversion rates. According to the marketplace, this helps to increase traffic, and, accordingly, sales;
  • Launch of branded advertising. Brand owners have the opportunity to customize ads on Amazon, choose headlines and 1-3 products with a logo for a promotion;
  • Analytics. Amazon provides opportunities for obtaining analytics, including reports on the behavior of buyers and analysis of keywords. This allows you to make good strategic decisions;
  • Bonuses for new sellers. By registering your own TM on the platform, you can get discounts and bonuses. A detailed list of rewards can be found on the Amazon website;
  • Managing product lists. Merchants can produce accurate listings of their brand’s products, the developers say. This allows customers to receive more accurate information about products, find the right goods faster;
  • Proactive defense of TM. Automatic Brand Information security controls on the marketplace work to protect copyright if there are infringements. The more information the seller provides to the TM Registry, the better it will be possible to defend yourself in disputable situations;
  • Intellectual property infringement report. Powerful marketplace tools allow you to find potential violations and immediately report them.

The Amazon team works 24/7 to respond to fraud and counterfeit activities. Thanks to the listed tools, more than 700,000 brands are protected on the marketplace. This allowed Brand Registry to become customer-oriented and improve customer service. According to Amazon’s Brand Services website, more than 4 million scam accounts were stopped in 2021 before they added products to listings for sale. According to platform sellers, the number of violations and fakes has decreased by 99% since they registered the Band Registry.

Features of registering TM on Amazon with IP Accelerators

The process of registering a trademark on Amazon is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for growing an e-commerce business. Each seller can independently obtain a Brand Registry using IP Accelerators. Waiting for registration results will last an average of a year. However, there is another way – to use the help of partners who have experience and can facilitate the registration of TM on Amazon.

The main stages of obtaining Brand Registry and registration of TM

To register their own brand, many sellers partner with experienced agencies to help them get Brand Registry on Amazon. The following steps await you in the future:

  1. Review. At this stage, preparatory work and the search for partners who will help with brand registration take place. It is important to study the list of agency services, understand the specifics of the work, and familiarize yourself with the cost of services.
  2. Collect information about the brand to be registered. To do this, the brand owner fills out a special form and indicates all the data about the TM. Next comes the coordination of all points, nuances, information is supplemented, corrections are made.
  3. Payment for services. When all the data is agreed, the client receives an invoice in order to pay for the TM registration services.
  4. Research. Although some underestimate this step, it is significant, because it allows you to check the uniqueness of the brand name and make sure that such names do not exist. Only with a unique TM name registration will be successful.
  5. Apply. After the preparatory work and verification of the TM data, the partner company submits an application for brand registration. After that, the client receives a registration number.
  6. Direct registration of TM. After receiving the registration number, you can then enter data into the Amazon Brand Registry. Registration is carried out for the same legal entity for which an account was created on the marketplace. By the time of filing the application, it lasts 3 working days, and the receipt of the application number is made on the day of its submission.
  7. Expecting results. Perhaps this is the longest stage, since it can take several months or a year. Currently, the partner agency constantly checks the information and controls the process.

Despite the fact that registration takes a certain time, after receiving the application number, the brand owner can already enjoy the benefits of the Brand Registry on the marketplace. This will help increase the reach of potential customers on the Internet and help promote products on Amazon. In general, the TM registration procedure on the platform is clear, however, in order to succeed, you need to responsibly go through all the steps.

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