How We Increased Sales by 89 Times in Six Months

In May 2022, we started working with a company specializing in model kits based on a range of aircraft and car designs. They were popular in the Ukrainian market, but the company needed assistance in launching their products on Amazon. Our goal was to increase sales on Amazon.com and make their brand recognizable.

To achieve this, we analyzed the customer niche and determined the feasibility of selling the products on Amazon, the need for product adaptation, and the initial investment required. We also conducted a detailed analysis of competitors in the market, focusing on sales volume, product position, and the presence of key players, plus provided recommendations regarding the product range, pricing strategy, and unit economics.

Based on this research, we developed a product promotion strategy in collaboration with the client and began to implement it. We created SEO listings and added photos and videos. The result was that we set up and launched advertising campaigns that we continue to optimize on a daily basis.

Over the course of six months of collaboration, we increased sales by 89 times. The TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) indicator was 9.35%, and the ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) was $2.94. The graph below shows a significant increase in sales in November. We successfully conducted advertising campaigns, leveraging the Black Friday season, and maintained a growth trend in the following month.

Our guiding principle is to take a comprehensive approach in supporting a brand on Amazon. We create the best promotion plan for you and work diligently on its implementation, constantly monitoring trends and adapting to changes in your niche. Please complete the form below for a consultation regarding the process of listing your product on Amazon or to receive a free audit of your account.

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