Starting a Business on Amazon: Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Success

Amazon is an ever-expanding online marketplace, offering lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs aiming to expand their global reach and boost profits.

The trust and credibility Amazon has built over the years attracts a loyal customer base with substantial purchasing power, ensuring strong customer loyalty. Amazon, known for its stringent selling requirements, presents both opportunities and challenges for aspiring Amazon Sellers. Persistence, thorough preparation, and a willingness to invest time and effort are crucial in minimizing obstacles on your journey.

Let’s explore some valuable insights and proven strategies for overcoming barriers to entry on Amazon, as shared by our experienced team.

Account Registration and Verification

The registration process on Amazon is a critical stage where your business undergoes a rigorous evaluation regarding its readiness and strength. It’s essential to understand:
  • Data verification is critical in the registration process, often requiring documentation to support the provided information. However, this step can be time-consuming and can often be complex.
  • Amazon may reject a registration, even if all submitted documents meet their requirements. For more information on account verification, please refer to our article: https://disqover.agency/yak-zareyestruvatisya-i-prodavati-na-amazon-instrukciya/ .
  • Sometimes, a rejection seems arbitrary, necessitating a thorough investigation as to what the underlying cause is.
  • During the video verification process, unexpected questions about your business may arise.
  • Securing utility bill information and an official address card can be challenging, particularly if your company lacks access to an official address or does not operate from one. Meeting these requirements with the correct documentation can be extremely complicated.

Challenges for Existing Accounts: Navigating the Obstacles

The path to success with selling on Amazon can be complex, and even after successfully registering and commencing sales, your Amazon account may face potential suspension:
  • Document-related issues may surface at any point, demanding proof of identity or business legitimacy.
  • Amazon doesn’t always provide clear explanations regarding account suspensions, complicating the situation.
  • Problems related to product listings, such as invoice requests or accounts blocked due to customer complaints, can also occur. 

Case Studies: Account Reinstatement Success Stories 

We’ve explored the potential hurdles that those engaged with selling on Amazon might encounter. The Disqover Agency team has successfully helped to reinstate over 50 blocked Amazon accounts. To inspire those who may have lost hope when it comes to account reinstatement, our Product Manager Yelyzaveta shares the story of a challenging case.

“We were approached by a client with an Amazon account and business based in Germany. Drawing from our extensive experience with European registration, we understood that this region is among the most challenging to verify.

During our interactions with Amazon support, we received the following information: Amazon had recorded that the account couldn’t be reinstated. This pertained to the account’s internal status, but we remained hopeful for success since there was an avenue to file an appeal within the account.
Typically, neither Amazon’s customer support nor the marketplace itself discloses the reason for blocking an account. The expectation is that the account owner admits to wrongdoing. However, in many cases, the account owner may not even be aware of the specific cause of the suspension, complicating problem resolution even further.
We managed to ascertain that the seller had temporarily been in another country and logged into their account, which turned out to be the primary Amazon policy violation that led to the account suspension.
In response, we assembled a documentation package, including airline tickets, to establish that the account owner had in fact logged in while traveling in Germany. Additionally, we provided a written assurance that there would be no further breaches of Amazon’s policies.
Naturally, we had to appeal the reinstatement multiple times before achieving success. This underscores the importance of persistence and patience when navigating matters related to Amazon.”
We also have an equally captivating and motivational story about the registration of an Amazon account from our Account Director, Tetiana:
“A client approached us to open a corporate account.
We collected all the necessary documents and initiated the registration process. We filled in all the fields, uploaded the documents, and the client successfully underwent video verification. They also entered the code from the card with a verification code they received. However, Amazon rejected their bank statement.
We made several attempts to submit the bank statement in different formats and even sent support inquiries explaining that the statement fully met the requirements. However, we continued to receive automated rejections.
Understanding Amazon and realizing that we needed to bypass the automated system and reach human support, we didn’t give up. Our team decided to submit the statement in the same format as in the very beginning. We followed the same procedure, and this time the statement was accepted, and the account was successfully registered.
The takeaway from this story is that even with impeccable documentation, it sometimes takes several attempts and a bit of luck when dealing with Amazon’s automated systems.”


Amazon is a unique world with its own set of rules, idiosyncrasies, and occasionally unfair decisions. However, with hard work, patience, and effective collaboration between the client and the team, any challenge can be overcome.
Success on Amazon hinges on your persistence and determination. Remember that great achievements require significant effort.
We are here to support you every step of the way and committed to identifying and resolving any obstacles you may encounter while launching your presence on Amazon.

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