The Disqover Agency team in partnership with Ukrposhta  lounched the iconic ship stamp for sale on global e-commerce marketplaces, and now with other branded goods it can be purchased on eBay!

Here are the details!

Our partners, the national postal operator “Ukrposhta”, became the first post office in the world with an online store on eBay, and from now on you can buy stamps, envelopes, as well as themed sweatshirts and magnets produced by the company from all over the world. Symbolically, and all for victory! From May 23, the store is available at the following link:


All participants of the cooperation commented on the event:

“We are happy to welcome Ukrposhta to our platform and to continue the fruitful cooperation by becoming the first postal service to open an official store on our platform. With over 142M active buyers worldwide in 190 markets, eBay opens the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to start their global journey and reach potential buyers all over the world. We are proud to take part in the growth of Ukrainian SMBs and together with Ukrposhta we will continue to support local SMBs, assisting them with personal guidance and other benefits through our growth program” – Alon Paster, Head of Commercial Development, eBay emerging markets”.

“Ukrainian goods are in high demand on world markets due to their quality and uniqueness, and now buying Ukrainian goods is also an opportunity to express support and to help the country. We are currently helping Ukrposhta to bring the famous postage stamp to eBay with its own brand store. Usually, the registration and verification of the seller’s account, preparation of documents, preparation of the listing take much more time, but our team is using all possible solutions to speed up the process to make Ukrposhta store available to buyers from around the world as soon as possible. We hope that global sales of the iconic stamp will be another effective tool to support Ukraine”Artem Sukhina, Co-Founder of Disqover Agency, Managing Partner at BRISE Capital.

“Over the past month, Ukrposhta postage stamps have become popular not only in Ukraine but also in the world. I know that a lot of foreigners want to buy commemorative stamps. For their convenience, we have launched this eBay store to enable shopping from anywhere in the world. In addition, selling on an international marketplace is not only about convenience and accessibility, but also about diversification. As practice has shown, selling postage stamps on one platform can result in its failure because of a large influx of buyers. Now we are offering specific platforms to foreign buyers and others to Ukrainian ones. It is symbolic that Ukrposhta, which for years has been training Ukrainian entrepreneurs to open and promote their own stores on marketplaces, including eBay, is now opening a store itself” – Igor Smelyansky, CEO Ukrposhta.

Online shopping on the marketplace involves a charitable component. $5 from each order containing the Ukrposhta stamp will be transferred to the KSE Foundation charity fund.

All funds raised will be directed to three areas:

1. Assistance to schools and kindergartens to be recovered after the war.

2. Organization of humanitarian cargo logistics.

3. Humanitarian aid.

eBay is one of the largest trading platforms with more than 142 million active customers in 190 countries.

Every day, more and more Ukrainian brands can be purchased abroad!

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