Brand Registry – Is it Actually Necessary for an Amazon Seller?

Brand Registry – Is it Actually Necessary for an Amazon Seller?

It is important for merchants growing their business on e-commerce platforms to protect their brand and intellectual property. One way to do this is to register your trademark on Amazon. Amazon Brand Registry is an application that allows you to register your trademarks on Amazon and access a variety of benefits. But is Brand Registry a necessity, or does it just give you an advantage as an Amazon seller?

Trademark registration and Brand Registry

Trademark registration is the process of legally registering a trademark for the purpose of protecting it. In order to register your trademark, it is first important to conduct a search of registered trademarks with a sound or spelling similar to yours. If the search shows that the trademark does not yet exist, you can apply for registration with the appropriate government authority: in the United States at the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in Britain at the UKIPO and in Europe at the EUIPO.

After receiving a TM registration application number, you can register with Amazon Brand Registry. Members of this program receive a guarantee of intellectual property protection for their listings, as well as additional marketing tools for promotion. These include the ability to create advanced A+ content and your own Amazon store, post a video of a listed product, run branded ads, and have access to advanced analytics to optimize your ad campaigns. Learn more about these and other benefits below:

1. Protection of intellectual property.

Sellers registered with the Brand Registry have the ability to grant or deny distributors the right to sell their branded products. You can also protect your listings from intruders by filing a complaint or contacting Amazon support, as one of the advantages of the Brand Registry is access to a separate support service for brand owners.

2. Availability of additional types of advertising.

Brand owners have the opportunity to use such types of advertising campaigns as Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, allowing you to advertise several products at once. The benefits of Sponsored Brands include being able to conduct A / B testing to optimize the content on your listing and track conversion and purchase statistics.

Amazon stats show that advertisers who create Sponsored Display ads targeting a particular brand’s audience for the first time get 7.2% more clicks on their listings in the following month compared to those who don’t.

3. Getting your first feedback.

When deciding whether or not to buy a new product, a buyer looks closely at the reviews of other buyers. By registering with the Brand Registry, you will have access to the Amazon Vine service, which helps you get the first reviews for new listings. The service is available in Europe for €170 and in the USA for $200.

4. Increasing consumer confidence.

There are 2 tools for brand owners on Amazon that greatly help a seller build consumer confidence: A+ Content and the Brand Store.

After describing these, we will analyze the difference between the descriptions of 2 listings of different sellers, one registered with and the other unregistered in the Brand Registry, and also see how their brand pages are displayed.

A+ content

After receiving BR, you will be able to create A + content, by adding photos, videos and more text to your product description — all with quality templates that you choose yourself.

Listing with A+ content:

Without A+ content:

The listing in the first example is more beneficial for the brand owner because it contains more information, images and videos of the product. Thus, the buyer will be more familiar with your product assortment, stay longer on the listing and most likely purchase your product.

The listing in the second example provides less information for the buyer, since after the bullets, there is no additional content and only plain text, thus attracting much less attention.

Brand store

Sellers registered with the Brand Registry have the opportunity to create their own “online store” within Amazon itself — the Brand Store. When a client lands on your brand page, a mini-site opens up with a list of your entire range of products. Amazon stats show that in BrandStore, which has more than three sections, buyers stay 83% longer.

The appearance of the Brand Store of the owner of the registered TM in the Brand Registry:

Search result if TM is not registered in Brand Registry:

The owner of the first listing registered their TM and for the Brand Registry. The owner of the second one did not register their TM, and, as such, cannot create a Brand Store. Therefore, a buyer clicking on the brand name will end up at a list of products ranked by brand keyword.

The above tools and capabilities give sellers a significant advantage and if used correctly, there is every chance to increase recognition and conversion to sales.

How long does it take to register on Amazon Brand Registry?

Registering on Amazon Brand Registry takes about two weeks, but trademark registration is required before registration on Brand Registry. The process of registration for a TM and Brand Registry consists of several stages:

Stage 1 (up to a week): review — acquaintance with one of our partners, who will assist you in the registration of a TM for your products.

Stage 2 (up to 2 weeks): data collection and provision of information on the product you plan to register with the TM partner.

Stage 3 (up to a week): TM research — conducting a market analysis to ensure that your brand is original and not likely to get a refusal.

Stage 4 (2 weeks): payment for services, filing the application and obtaining a registration number.

Stage 5 (1 week): registration in the Brand Registry. We submit the necessary documents for connecting your TM to Amazon. They then send a code to the email of the lawyer who registered the TM. The lawyer will give us the code, and we will provide it to Amazon. After these steps, brand confirmation takes place.

Stage 6 (7-12 months): Waiting for the TM – once approved, you can now enjoy Amazon Brand Registry and all its benefits.

So, if you have not yet registered a TM, with our help, you will submit an application for a TM in the appropriate country, create a Brand Registry account and enjoy all the possibilities of being a brand owner on Amazon in a maximum of 2 months.

So, why should you register with Brand Registry on the Amazon platform?

  1. To increase buyers’ level of trust in your brand;
  2. To access tools that can increase traffic to individual listings and your Brand Store, as well as purchase conversion rates.
  3. To protect your intellectual property.


It is important to note that obtaining a Brand Registry is not a requirement for selling on Amazon and you don’t need to register a trademark in order to list and sell products on the platform. However, withoutBrand Registry, it can be very difficult to conquer a particular niche.

As explained, it is extremely important to register a trademark, but is it advisable to do it yourself without the experience and support of a professional team? The Disqover Agency team will help you go from brand registration to the full launch of your products. We know exactly how to do this. Fill out the form below and our manager will provide you with detailed advice on our TM and Brand Registry registration service.

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Calendar of key dates for Amazon sellers in 2023

Calendar of key dates for Amazon sellers in 2023

Good businesses are thinking about how to prevent the post-holiday decline in Amazon sales. Great ones are already working on a brand growth strategy for 2023. Our calendar of key dates will help you do this.

The calendar will help you make an inventory forecast for FBA. If you plan your warehouses according to the event calendar, you will avoid overstocking during a sales downturn and shortages during a rush. For example, you won’t experience any logistical delays related to the Chinese New Year.

When developing our market strategy for 2023, we are faced with the question: “When and how much to send goods to FBA so that the consumer receives them on time?” Looking for an answer, you should focus on seasonality, as well as specific trends related to your brand, target audience, and assortment. Let’s consider some points.

Seasonality and trends
How to make money on Amazon steadily? You should constantly monitor trends and customer preferences. For example, spring increases the demand for sports and outdoor goods, hiking equipment, and gardening items. On the other hand, in the winter months, gifts, home furnishings, board games, winter sports equipment, etc. are in demand.

Planning in advance
The fourth quarter of the year can be the most fertile time for Amazon sales. It’s important to track when consumers start their holiday shopping. Sometimes this season can start not after Halloween and Black Friday, but in early October. You should take advantage of the increase in traffic in time, even if you don’t have any gift items. After all, there are those who will come just on holiday shopping.

Prime Day on Amazon
Prime Day is a series of holidays when the platform organizes sales. Usually, they take place in summer, but last year Amazon unexpectedly organized such an event in the fall. Now there is every reason to believe that this year, it will also be two separate events. And although the exact date will be announced shortly before the event, you should start preparing for it by studying strategies to profit from the platform traffic increase and exclusive Prime discounts. It’s important to focus on inventory forecasting, keyword research, optimizing your product catalog, and advertising effectiveness.

There is a certain algorithm that you should follow if you are preparing for sales on a specific day (holiday, event, themed sales) to make it work best. We have collected some top timelines tips. But remember that the situation may be different for you, depending on your product and delivery options:

12 weeks before finalize the assortment for a specific date:

  • review previous sales figures and identify flagships
  • explore the possibilities of creating bundles
  • create a sales plan and, accordingly, the number of goods to be delivered
  • consider using Amazon Warehousing & Distribution
  • add the Buy with Prime button to the website, if available

 8 weeks before send the goods to Amazon:

  • add inserts to the product packaging along with the supply
  • sell off old stock on FBA
  • analyze marketing and advertising strategies
  • improve your pricing strategy

4 weeks before optimize listings:

  • titles should be changed in accordance with seasonal keywords
  • photos of goods should be of high quality
  • if possible, add a video about the product
  • indicate the main characteristics of the product
  • post answers to recurring customer questions
  • track customer feedback
  • determine the strategy and goals for promotion for the next period

 3 weeks before create coupons and start sharing promotions:

  • implement the Amazon Ads strategy and make adjustments based on the data on the advertising effectiveness  in the process
  • write several posts through Amazon Posts
  • send promotions via email with Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement
  • assign a separate person to handle customer inquiries

In addition, we recommend that you look after FBA storage limits. They are updated quarterly based on your Inventory Performance Index (IPI). Amazon determines it on its own but provides an opportunity to track it regularly.

Do you want to deal with all the stages of the sale and finally establish supply processes? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team of analysts will identify and solve all the problems in the supply chain, as well as track trends and reduce shortages that spoil the sales line. Do not hesitate and take steps to success today.


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Amazon Q1 Survival Guide for a Rookie Seller

Amazon Q1 Survival Guide for a Rookie Seller

The harvest from the holiday sales of the fourth quarter is over. The results from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales have come in, which means it’s time to plan for a successful start to 2023. To keep the momentum going and get your year off to a good start, we’ve compiled five tips for selling on Amazon.

1. Use Q4 profits to get off to a good start in Q1

If you did everything right, your earnings on Amazon in the fourth quarter were the highest of 2022. It’s tempting to put the money you’ve earned in a savings account, but it’s better to reinvest the profits into marketing in the first quarter so that you will get higher sales in the long run.

There will be buyers who are waiting for the post-holiday sales, and those who are willing to start the year with regular shopping, and don’t forget about those who want to use those Amazon gift cards they were given for Christmas or New Year. Being ready for these sales will allow you to significantly reduce the post-holiday slump and get ahead of your competitors in the first quarter.

2. Be prepared with a range of goods for the holidays of 2023

Be prepared for the following dates when you can raise your conversion: Valentine’s Day (February 14), International Women’s Day (March 8), and Easter (April 16).

How to prepare:

  • Make your Brand Store easy to navigate. Divide products into tabs-categories, and add those that are most relevant now to the main page.
  • Choose relevant keywords so that the Amazon advertising works well.
  • If the product allows, change the images in action and add infographics relevant to the holidays. For example, for Valentine’s Day, you can add an image of your gift being given to a significant other.

You have time to prepare and get ahead of the competition.

Read also: Top 5 mistakes in PPC work on Amazon that drain your budget

3. Extend discounts

There are two things you should keep in mind when selling on Аmazon in the first quarter:

  • Many buyers are still suffering from Christmas shopping fever. It will take time before they cool down.
  • Many buyers will receive Amazon gift cards and start using them.

This is why discounts should not be stopped right after the winter holidays.

TIP. Increase your income with related products. Some products in a set sell better on Аmazon. For example, if you have winter gloves and scarves that aren’t selling well individually, start selling them as a bundle on Amazon.

Bundles on Amazon consist of several individual products, each of which can be identified by a unique ASIN/UPC. A pre-packaged set of products identified by a single ASIN/UPC is not considered a bundle.

4. Increase your assortment

Don’t give away your products on Amazon just relying on sales, because bargain hunters are just one category of buyers. Instead, diversify your assortment – add items that will be popular on Amazon all year round. Create a line of items with high margins and low turnover, as well as high-turnover products with low margins. This will balance your sales and create a better selection for customers.

Read also: Cancellation of referral commission on Amazon EU and UK: the most frequent questions of Ukrainian entrepreneurs

5. Meet the demands of your customers

For example, one of the most common resolutions at the beginning of the year is to start training again and take care of one’s fitness. Therefore, the first quarter is the perfect time to sell products in this category. If you have the opportunity to do it – go ahead. The range is wide – from exercise equipment and fitness accessories to sportswear and food.

The main thing is to take advantage of the trend to lose weight. Even if you sell sugar-free candies or hair elastic bands – show in your photos how a girl who does sports uses your product.

In conclusion.

In order for your year to start off with good results, you need to prepare a strategy in advance and think about the desires of your customers. They are always ready to buy from you, but only if you accurately predict what they need. To set up an Amazon store, increase your Amazon business rating, make money and grow sales on Amazon, or just get Amazon seller help on another issue, leave a request and we will contact you!

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Preparing for the new business season on Amazon: tips for those who order and deliver goods from China

Preparing for the new business season on Amazon: tips for those who order and deliver goods from China

Referral fee is a percentage of each sale through the marketplace that Amazon takes for the opportunity to run an e-commerce business on its platform. For FBA sellers (those who use Amazon’s warehouses to deliver goods to the end customer), this is one of the three main fees, in addition to paying for warehousing and shipping to the end customer. For FBM sellers (those who deliver directly to the end consumer from their warehouses), this is the only mandatory commission that is charged.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important day in the Chinese calendar and falls between January 22 and February 5 in 2023. As the largest manufacturer and exporter of goods, China, of course, has a great influence on the purchasing processes and international delivery of goods. The pressure on the country’s work organization processes in the pre-holiday days is largely felt among Amazon sellers, so advance batch planning, production setup and logistics organization are extremely important.

Here are the main points that should be considered when preparing for a new business quarter.

Prepare goods in advance

Factories stop their work two weeks before the holiday and even earlier, and the gradual resumption of all processes occurs only in early February. To avoid problems with goods – coordinate schedules with production, ask when the last working day is at the factory and do not hesitate to properly prepare. If you have seasonal items in your arsenal, be sure to prepare enough for several months in advance.

Use prep centers (if necessary)

The most important thing before the holiday is to replenish stock with goods, deliver them to Amazon warehouses and/or prep centers. The human factor quite often becomes the reason why part of the goods during this period arrives with defects. Sometimes this is also due to the fact that a long holiday period is good for changing jobs, so many workers simply do not return to the factories, and newcomers take their places. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you have a chain of goods quality control set up, or to use prep centers, which also include checking the goods before sending them to Amazon warehouses.

Deliver safely

Due to super-large orders, tariffs are rising, the number of possible delivery slots and the number of free containers are decreasing, there is an overload and freezing in ports. Other difficulties arise, in particular, caused by quarantine anti-COVID measures. Our friends, the logistics operator Partner Trade, who have been specializing in the delivery of large cargo from China for many years, shared recommendations on how to avoid delivery delays:

  • charter a ship early: book your delivery 3-4 weeks before the Chinese New Year. During this time, the cargo will have time to process, and it will reach its destination on time;

  • organize product inventory to avoid delays or stockouts;

  • work with a reliable logistics partner. A proven 3PL operator with the necessary experience and qualified specialists will help to avoid delays in deliveries during the Chinese holidays.

To get a professional consultation and calculate the cost of a future batch, fill out the form at the link.

Analyze your own sales

Even if your product is not made in China, you still need to prepare. To organize a sufficient number of goods in warehouses, analyze your own sales. Compare the results for recent months with last year in the same period. If you are a beginner, studying your competitors and their results is also important. You should build a promotion plan, increase advertising budgets to get better results. Learn how not to burn your ad budget and the most common mistakes sellers make when launching campaigns in our Top 5 Amazon PPC Mistakes That Burn Your Budget.

We also recommend using the Inventory Dashboard tool in the seller center (only available with an active account), which helps to predict the required amount of goods. It provides insight into inventory scheduling analytics, how long your items have been in storage on Amazon, insight into stocking fees, IPI (Inventory Performance Index), excess inventory, and other features of your product.

Don’t forget to congratulate your partners from China

Finally, we would like to add that for the Chinese, New Year is one of the most important holidays. Usually it is a family holiday and a time to meet friends. And since traditions have always been highly valued in the East, greeting partners will strengthen your cooperation. Usually in China they give something paired for the holiday – perhaps this simple secret will help you choose gifts that are guaranteed to please.

When planning each subsequent business period on the marketplace, you should also remember the general rules of preparation: optimize listings, check the quality of photos of your products, work not only with visual content (always update texts before the corresponding season). Leave a request on our website and get a free consultation.

 In addition, we would like to thank our partners: the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ukrposhta  and Startup Ukraine. Thanks to our joint initiative, the referral cancellation program for Ukrainians became possible.

Free consultation

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Which type of delivery to choose: tips for entrepreneurs

Which type of delivery to choose: tips for entrepreneurs

Starting an export business, any entrepreneur is faced with logistics issues and must decide which delivery format is most suitable for their product and will provide the best value for money. For B2C sales on international marketplaces, this is definitely an email format.

It should be noted that the final cost of delivery services from the postal operator is always flexible and requires individual calculations. Therefore, we will consider the cost of delivery to the territory of each destination country according to the model of Ukrposhta tariffs. For example, shipping costs to the US will be the same if the recipient lives in New York or Hawaii. The tariff is calculated from the actual weight of the shipment, the volumetric weight is not taken into account, but each type of shipment has a limit on the maximum allowable dimensions.

Consider the main products of international delivery:

Small package

Ideal format for small, inexpensive items (clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home decor, etc.). Convenient tariff gradation depends on the weight of the departure and the zone in which the country of destination is included (for example, the USA and Canada belong to the same zone). There is a fixed compensation in case of loss.

Accompanying documents – the CN22 postal customs declaration is generated automatically in your personal account/mobile application/API. You can print it yourself in a suitable format or go to an automated post office to print a thermal sticker.

This type of shipment has a cumulative system of discounts: more shipments – more savings on delivery.

Small packages are tracked in the territories of 194 countries (some countries, such as Canada and Australia, do not provide tracking data after the mailing crosses their border) and in most cases are handed over to the recipient under the signature of the recipient, if necessary, you can get a delivery confirmation.

Weight limit: 2 kg
Limit dimensions: Any side does not exceed 60 cm, and the sum of all dimensions does not exceed 90 cm.

For rolls: the diameter must not exceed 15 cm and the length must not exceed 70 cm.


This type of shipment is intended for goods of greater weight and dimensions. The cost of delivery is calculated according to the tariff formula for 1 pc.  + N × tariff per kg, where N is the number of kg in the parcel.

 Accompanying documents – postal customs declarations CN23 in three copies, the sender must print out on his own.

The main plus is that such a shipment can be insured and, in case of loss, receive a full refund of the cost of the goods. To do this, you need to issue a parcel with a declared value.  However, not all countries accept such parcels, and those for which it is possible have restrictions on the amount of declared value, for example, for the United States, the maximum rating is 3448 SDR *.  You can check the conditions for receiving shipments in the manual.

* SDR (Special Drawing Right) – is a conditional unit of account of the International Monetary Fund, used by member countries of the Universal Postal Union to determine the tariff for postal items (on October 17, 2022, the exchange rate is 1 SDR: UAH 46.65)

Links are tracked in almost all countries for which delivery is valid.

Weight limit: 30 kg (for some countries 20 kg)
Limit dimensions: Any side – does not exceed 105 cm, and the sum of the length and the largest perimeter (length of the circle) in any direction (except for the length) does not exceed 200 cm. (Length + 2 * (height + width) ≤ 200 cm)


EMS (Express Mail Service) is an expedited international delivery service. EMS shipments are delivered by the fastest available method (usually air delivery) and are processed as a priority both in Ukraine and in the country of destination.  According to the standards of the Universal Postal Union, EMS shipments in the country of destination are handed over to the address of the recipient.

This type of shipment allows not only the most possible dimensions for the postal format, but also has a number of significant advantages, such as accelerated processing, full tracking on the territory of all countries for which the service is valid and mandatory targeted delivery (provided that the shipment has passed customs clearance).

Accompanying documents – postal customs declarations CN23 in five copies, the sender must print out on his own.

Weight limit: 30 kg (for some countries 20 kg)
Limit dimensions: Any side – does not exceed 150 cm, and the sum of the length and the largest perimeter (length of the circle) in any direction (except for the length) does not exceed 300 cm. (Length + 2* (height + width) ≤ 300 cm)

Find out the delivery times for different types of products

Author: Ukrposhta 

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Halloween on Amazon: how to prepare?

The successful time of the year for sellers is coming! The fourth quarter is generous with holidays, which means sales growth. It starts with Halloween, a holiday popular in the USA, Great Britain and European countries of the world. Helloween on Amazon is the beginning of the buying activity that continues on Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and the pre-Christmas period.

For sellers, whether or not you plan to sell themed products, this is an opportunity to boost sales. Shoppers could spend $9 billion over the holidays this year, according to forecasts from the National Retail Federation. So choosing the right products is just the first step to staying competitive during this period.

How to increase the effectiveness of the results during the “spooky holiday”?

Of course, any Amazon seller knows about seasonal sales in advance and prepares for them ahead of time. Having formed a stock, preparing goods for the season, it is advisable to take a few more important steps.

Things to remember:

  • Create quality content – choose high quality photos, update descriptions, add relevant keywords, adjust listings. Upgrade your creatives (headline, photo or even video) to themed ones in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns. Keep in mind that shoppers often use holiday names in search queries, so you should add the word “Halloween” to your ad and backend. But it’s best to avoid such names in listings unless it’s directly related to the product, such as “Helloween suit”; 
  • Attract existing customers to the celebration. Make an e-mail newsletter among the followers of the Amazon page. Tell them about the special offers they can take advantage of. Tell them what you plan to do additionally for the Halloween customer. If you have a customer base, send out a simple promotional email with mechanics and details. Add a promo code or coupon. Don’t forget to add a CTA button that will redirect to your Amazon page. Send emails with a countdown to the start of sales and special conditions the day before. This will keep your customers up to date and will likely increase brand awareness significantly.
  • Prepare additional promotions, discounts, special offers. Offer free shipping. Prime members automatically receive unlimited 2-day shipping on orders over $25 on all eligible products;
  • Use holiday packaging whenever possible. Try to keep the “terrible-fun” format by updating the A+ content and designing the store. Halloween is the season of fun and your audience expects to be entertained. You should also share this content on social networks. For example, an Instagram prank, a Facebook funny joke contest, a Twitter slogan contest, and a terrible TikTok challenge are all great ways to build engagement and get attention for your brand;
  • Set up ads correctly. Add themed keywords to existing campaigns or create new ones with them. If the product is seasonal, prepare for a CPC increase during this period. Non-thematic product categories are also in high demand at this time. This is the last and very important step in preparing for any sale: it is recommended to increase your advertising and bid budget. Read more about how not to “drain” the budget of advertising campaigns in our article “Top 5 mistakes in PPC work on Amazon that drain the budget”;

Summing up, we want to emphasize that often, an interesting, high-quality product with incorrectly configured advertising or insufficiently well-optimized listings may be sold badly. This leads to unexpected results and wasted funds. This is easy enough to avoid by applying a professional approach to your listings. The marketplace algorithm is designed to always compare products, their monthly sales, and the number of reviews to determine how popular they are.

If you need assistance in preparation, our team is always ready to provide services individually for your goods.

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How to register your own brand on Amazon

Як зареєструвати власний бренд на Amazon
Як зареєструвати власний бренд на Amazon

How to register your own brand on Amazon

Choosing to start your business on Amazon is one of the ways to increase sales in the e-commerce industry. By registering your brand on the marketplace, you can enter the global market and compete with niche leaders. The positions of companies with their own TM are much stronger in the US and other countries. To get Brand Registry on Amazon, you need to go through several steps. Now let’s look at them in more detail.

Benefits of Brand Registry on Amazon

The following business benefits are unlocked for the owner brand on Amazon:

  • Creation of extended content. A+ content contributes to the information spreading about the brand’s history, product functions. Images on pages and texts improve conversion rates. According to the marketplace, this helps to increase traffic, and, accordingly, sales;
  • Launch of branded advertising. Brand owners have the opportunity to customize ads on Amazon, choose headlines and 1-3 products with a logo for a promotion;
  • Analytics. Amazon provides opportunities for obtaining analytics, including reports on the behavior of buyers and analysis of keywords. This allows you to make good strategic decisions;
  • Bonuses for new sellers. By registering your own TM on the platform, you can get discounts and bonuses. A detailed list of rewards can be found on the Amazon website;
  • Managing product lists. Merchants can produce accurate listings of their brand’s products, the developers say. This allows customers to receive more accurate information about products, find the right goods faster;
  • Proactive defense of TM. Automatic Brand Information security controls on the marketplace work to protect copyright if there are infringements. The more information the seller provides to the TM Registry, the better it will be possible to defend yourself in disputable situations;
  • Intellectual property infringement report. Powerful marketplace tools allow you to find potential violations and immediately report them.

The Amazon team works 24/7 to respond to fraud and counterfeit activities. Thanks to the listed tools, more than 700,000 brands are protected on the marketplace. This allowed Brand Registry to become customer-oriented and improve customer service. According to Amazon’s Brand Services website, more than 4 million scam accounts were stopped in 2021 before they added products to listings for sale. According to platform sellers, the number of violations and fakes has decreased by 99% since they registered the Band Registry.

Features of registering TM on Amazon with IP Accelerators

The process of registering a trademark on Amazon is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for growing an e-commerce business. Each seller can independently obtain a Brand Registry using IP Accelerators. Waiting for registration results will last an average of a year. However, there is another way – to use the help of partners who have experience and can facilitate the registration of TM on Amazon.

The main stages of obtaining Brand Registry and registration of TM

To register their own brand, many sellers partner with experienced agencies to help them get Brand Registry on Amazon. The following steps await you in the future:

  1. Review. At this stage, preparatory work and the search for partners who will help with brand registration take place. It is important to study the list of agency services, understand the specifics of the work, and familiarize yourself with the cost of services.
  2. Collect information about the brand to be registered. To do this, the brand owner fills out a special form and indicates all the data about the TM. Next comes the coordination of all points, nuances, information is supplemented, corrections are made.
  3. Payment for services. When all the data is agreed, the client receives an invoice in order to pay for the TM registration services.
  4. Research. Although some underestimate this step, it is significant, because it allows you to check the uniqueness of the brand name and make sure that such names do not exist. Only with a unique TM name registration will be successful.
  5. Apply. After the preparatory work and verification of the TM data, the partner company submits an application for brand registration. After that, the client receives a registration number.
  6. Direct registration of TM. After receiving the registration number, you can then enter data into the Amazon Brand Registry. Registration is carried out for the same legal entity for which an account was created on the marketplace. By the time of filing the application, it lasts 3 working days, and the receipt of the application number is made on the day of its submission.
  7. Expecting results. Perhaps this is the longest stage, since it can take several months or a year. Currently, the partner agency constantly checks the information and controls the process.

Despite the fact that registration takes a certain time, after receiving the application number, the brand owner can already enjoy the benefits of the Brand Registry on the marketplace. This will help increase the reach of potential customers on the Internet and help promote products on Amazon. In general, the TM registration procedure on the platform is clear, however, in order to succeed, you need to responsibly go through all the steps.

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